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  • Set up of all sparkler units before event
  • Your choice of position of sparkler units in your venue
  • Teardown of all sparkler units after reception
  • Start at 350 / per sparkler
        (up to 4 sparklers)
Add some glitz and glamour to a big moment!
Some moments deserve to shine! Highlight those moments of your ceremony with our Sparkler effects.
This spectacular effect brings the wow! and pow! to any kind of gathering or party. Whether during the punch of a speech at a corporate event, bringing extra pizzazz as a birthday cake is carried out, or during a father-daughter dance - this safe (non-pyrotechnic) sparkler effect is controlled remotely with adjustability on height, volume, etc.
Safe to use indoors and there is no danger of smoke and fire. These sparklers are safe to the touch!
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