• Set up of all uplighting units before event
  • Your choice of color and position of lighting units in your venue
  • Teardown of all lighting units after event
  • 4 uplights     $ 150.00   USD
  • 8 uplights     $ 300.00  USD
  • 12 uplights    $ 450.00 USD
  • 16 uplights    $ 550.00  USD
  • 20 uplights   $ 650.00 USD
  • 24 uplights   $ 750.00  USD
  • 28 uplights   $ 850.00  USD
Cast a welcoming glow throughout your venue space...
One of the most sophisticated trends in weddings and events is the use of elegant lighting.
Uplighting changes the color and mood of a room, instantly, and adds elegance with brilliant colors. Our uplighting packages are custom designed to fit your floor plan and to ensure that your room is as unique as your reception.
Uplighting is available for Weddings and Private Parties upon request and can be customized to any color and position in a room.
Uplighting may be added to any wedding or event package!
Looking to add a little luxe?
Consider our event upgrades. Available with any Event or Wedding package.

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